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December 5, 2005

It was a quiet night in the pub...

...and then it went crazy...

Last night I was working in the pub, as I do on Sunday's. It was well boring. So boring I cleaned the glass on the front of all the fridges - they look amazing now I tell ya. One of the regulars wants me to clean his flat windows... anyways... then along came a million people who'd just been to see a family member in a kick-boxing competition... the first round they bought came to just over 32 quid - which quite a bit of serving to do! The next round which came only 10 mins later was 20 odd quid. Crazy action. Ah well I got some beers bought out of it, so job's a good-un.

In other news, I went to Sarah and John's house for Sunday dinner which was nice, it's a pity that they live miles away! (OK... so it's not that far, as far as distances go...). Kate's also being down for the weekend after coming down with her friend from uni (who lives in Nottingham). It was nice to meet people from home again!

Don't think there's any other news :-(

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