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October 25, 2005

Welcome back, for those of you that made it...

I've just had a Twighlight Zone moment in the lift.

Waited forever for it to arrive (as it appeared to be stopping at every floor) so that I could get in and when it did and I got in it, I realised that the lights we're working. So, when the door was shut it was only illuminated by the LED display and the red glowing ring of 'Floor 10'. Up it went, only to stop at floor one, to pick up more people... and then up to floor 2... and floor 3 and... well you get the picture. Most floors had nobody their to get in. Kinda freaky.

Sad of me, but I was waiting for the random drop! Only good thing - the voice is dead too!

So, do I take the stairs or the lift down for lunch - after all this isn't a deserted 1930s Hollywood hotel, is it?

Do-do-dodo do-do-dodo...

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