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June 30, 2005


Moving is so stressful!

Decided that it'd be a clever idea to start moving things over to Chris' on Tuesday evening. Upon taking the contents from my shelf and boxing them up, the plan was to take the shelves across to Chris', then grab the boxes... fill the shelves... take back empty boxs for more stuff.

Things, however, didn't go according to plan... we got the shelves over, after concertinaing it up to get them down the stairs... fine... went up to my new room - it's somewhat smaller than I remembered it. No way in hell my stuff would fit in it.

Then I came up with the genius (even if I do say so myself) idea of building a Mezz floor in the room for a bed... it took a while to work out how it was going to work and how one was going to fit - without blocking the window or anything...

Luckily, such things exist as most of my readers will know... it's a bunk bed without a bed at the bottom... we looked at the Argos website. Twenty-one days for delivery... bollocks to that! Looked at Ikea... they've got bloody European sized mattresses! And we didn't really want to buy a new mattress...

Balls to it... we'll build one from scratch tomorrow (Wednesday) and went to the pub in one of the most amazing thunderstorms I've seen a long time...

After having nightmares all night about what a farce outself build floor/bed was going to be I phoned up my Dad to ask him how he would build such a thing... we worked out a design over the phone and I go to Chris' to measure up the matress.

Then I realise that the matteress would actually fit on an Ikea bed, it'd just be a little short. Off to Ikea we go to buy one - better than the timber yard anyway. We find a nicely reduced bed that's just the right size and I go to order it...

I decided to get a mattress pad too... been wanting one for ages. She asked me if I needed a mattress... "nah I've got one of those"... "is it UK size?" "Yeah..." "It'll be a little short, make sure you put something like a pillow at the end of it to fill the gap so your child doesn't get stuck in the cross beams" "Will do"... I didn't let on that the bed was for me :-)

Built the bed last night. After a test drive it's not going to be very good for sex... white knuckle sex maybe...

So, the boxes of crap are still at ClaudeStreet - as is the rest of my belongings. These really need to be out by midnight tonight as that's when the contract runs out... Arrrrgh!

Got a long list of things I need to put back so that the house is like it was 3 years ago when I moved in - no doubt I'll miss something. Another joy is that Porter... the server needs to move. This means that there will be some downtime of the blog - although I've aimed to make this a minimum - currently the plan was a crazy 30 mins downtime - although I'm thinking that this is going to be unobtainable! A large part of this is the DNS propegation (although the time to live is now set to 5 mins instead of 24 hours at the moment, it was done slightly later than it should have been done (about midday today), this means that a worst case scenario is that you might not be able to see the blog after the move until midday tomorrow - an other part is making room for it in Chris' loft :-)

I'll let you know how things go later... it's a good job I'm only mildly claustrophobic :-)


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