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June 6, 2005

How to write-off a day...

Well, I finalily think that my body almost feels like normal again.

I got back from the party at about 7am. Quite good considering I left the party at 3am (ish). For some reason I went back to a guy called Steve's house. I'm assuming the reason this happened had something to do with the girls I was with.

We watched some of the first few episodes from the 4th season of Family Guy. Very funny. They seem to have taken all of the little nuances slightly over the top :-) "Oo right! gigidy gigidy! Oo right! gigidy gigidy gigidy..."

When I woke up (around midday) I felt rougher than I've felt in aaaaaages. I can't actually remember when I've woken up feeling that bad. I went back to bed and got up at about 6pm.

I cooked myself a lovely meal - John's away for the week so I'm experimenting big stylee with random combinations of things that end up turing out just right. Tonight it was a sort Chinese style egg fried rice bacon kedgeree, replacing the fish with mixed vegetables. I think it was really nice. I shall be making it again I think!

Friday's meal was a little more random. It was a corned beef chilli sort of affair served on a bed of egg noodles. Also very scumptious. It was also rather, erm, saltly. I think I might have managed to have my weekly salt intake in one meal!

Not sure what tomorrow's random evening meal will be. I sense it might possibly be some sort of Beef Wellington concoction, maybe. Or something involving SPAM or tuna. Who knows? If I remember I'll let you know :-)

Today I"ve also been experimenting with two unsecured wifi access points down the road. I have no idea who owns them... but have been having a look around their networks... there's not that much to see as most of the machines were off when I looked.

I did managed to crash one of the routers though, whist trying to guess it's admin password... whoops. Hopefully they'll work out how to restart it when they next want to use it.

Oh, I fully retract the statement that I don't want a girlfriend by the way. I was drunk and didn't know what I wanted (that's my excuse and I"m sticking with it).

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