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June 3, 2005

A completely dictated blog post

Along with my laptop, I got some dictation software. It seems quite good, I'm using it to post this blog post. My aim is that I don't have to touch the keyboard at all to do this is doing quite well so far. How funny? As soon as I say that it starts to get it all kinds of wrong.

That said it is doing quite well as I've only trained it for a few minutes and it can already understand my accent quite well. Some might say better than people who know me can!

Okay, so now I'm cheating quite a bit now out and having to use the cursor keys to move the cursor around the window. I'm still very impressed with it. I able to talk very quickly and yet it will still be able to understand what I'm saying and type it for me. I'm not sure how useful it will be in writing my thesis though...

And it doesn't seem to be able to translate what I swear when it gets it wrong.

So there we, my first dictated blog post. I've only had to use the keyboard to move the cursor around the page. All the words have come straight out of my mouth!

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