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May 12, 2005

Second Course Begins...

My second six week course of skating lessons started yesterday.

It's quite cool as loads of people who did the first three grades with us last time seem to have given up. This means that there's only four of us doing it. It makes it much much better.

We managed to go through all of the bits for Grade Four in the one lesson. What's better is that some of them don't seem that bad... "Skating Forward and Turning to Backward (vice-versa)" was worring us somewhat... however we've pretty much mastered that now - even though I did fall over a million times.

I do however think that I lack the co-ordination required to do chassés effectivly :-(

After skating we went to NG1... banter with the DJ by texting isn't wise... well not for me anyway... 'So then Ed, you come out yet?' over the PA. Yeah, cheers for that!

Although I didn't drink much I had a horrible hangover this morning :-( Work started in the afternoon (that said it usually does for me, doesn't it!?) I've been doing some simulations of photon propegation through scattering media... quite interesting. It's quite CPU intensive though... however, I've managed to accquire the use of all 70 PCs in the 4th floor lab for some major kickass parallel processing beast over night.

What's good about this is a) it'll get things done quicker, b) I get to learn about massive Linux clusters, c) I'm quite interested in it so will actually want to put time into doing it!

A result!

The above is a result I got yesterday... it's the paths made by 100000 photons from the point source at the bottom, and hit the 1cm wide detector at the top. At the time it made me smile because it looked rude. The more I look at it now the less rude it actually looks... I don't really believe I'm admitting to this...

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