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May 5, 2005

Skating... woo!

Looks like I've got to buy myself some skates. By random selection after thinking I'd get awarded a Grade 2 in the SkateUk couse tonight, I infact got awarded Grade 3. That said, we'd covered all of Grade 3 I suppose... I'd show you a photo of the certificate, but the Ice Arena's printer was broken!

Not been so excited since I got my Elementary swimming certificate...!

Seeing as it doesn't appear that you can find these anywhere on the web... here are the Skate UK levels for skating... hope it helps someone!

Grade 1
  • Sit and stand on the Ice
  • Moving forward (Basic Skating)
  • Two foot glide and dip
  • Stepping around on the spot
Grade 2
  • Moving Backward
  • Snow plough or Full Snowplough Stop
  • Forward Skating
  • Two-Foot Glide on a Curve
Grade 3
  • Forward One-Foot Glide
  • Two-Jump Skating Forward
  • Forward & Backward Sculling
  • One-Foot Glide on a Curve Inside Edge (L & R)
Grade 4
  • One-Foot Glide on a Curve Outside Edge (L & R)
  • Backward Skating and a Two-Foot Glide
  • Skating Forward and Turning to Backward (vice-versa)
  • Continuous Forward Chasses around a Circle
Grade 5
  • Forward Crossovers in both Directions
  • Backward Snowplough Stop
  • Backward One-Foot Glide
  • Two-Foot Spin (one revolution)
Grade 6
  • Continuous Backward Chasses around Circle
  • Forward Two-Foot Slalom
  • Forward Outside 3-Turn
  • Backward Skating Stepping Forward in both Directions
Grade 7
  • Backward Crossovers in both Directions
  • Forward Inside Three-Turns
  • Continuous Forward Outside Curves
  • Continuous Forward Inside Curves
Grade 8
  • Forward Inside Mohawk (L & R)
  • Two Backward Crossovers followed by Sustained Backward Outside Curve for a count of 3
  • Two-Foot Change on Edge on a Large Curve
  • Forward Drag
Grade 9
  • Forward Beginner Cross-rolls
  • Bunny Hop
  • Backward Edges (Both Feet & Both Edges)
  • Two Backward Crossovers followed by Sustained
  • Backward Inside Curve for a count of 3
Grade 10
  • Forward Crossovers in a Figure Eight Pattern
  • Backward Crossovers in a Figure Eight Pattern
  • Two glide in a spiraling curve

Oh yeah... and the sk8r gurlz were just plain odd as always :-) Prolly not going to see them again :-(

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