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April 28, 2005

Penultimate Ice Skating lesson...

This is one for all you F5ers out there... you know who you are!

Yesterday was the last lesson before the scary ice skating test next week to see if I'm good enough to get a certificate... not conviced I am after the public skate after the lesson, but hey. There's a lot standing on me getting the certificate mind you... I've told myself that if I fail I'll give up on learning. If I pass I shall buy some skates and carry on...

We've decided that we still can't work out our new friends... I'm sure they've been put there to confuse us :-) I'm not allowed to say anything else on the matter... might have already said too much as it is apparantly too easy to find the blog on Google if you search for things ice skating related...

Afterwards, we went off into town for some drinks. Brendan bought me a pint... well when I say pint I use the phrase somewhat loosly.

Good Head!

That's all I think. Oh, I got full marks in my Java coursework :-) Apparantly the lecturer attempted to mark it all anonymously, but I was the only person who did it in LaTeX. Heh.

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