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April 14, 2005

Could it be magic?

Well it was ice skating day again yesterday...

Nothing that much of note happened in the lessons, although apparantly everyone is nearly ready to be signed off for grade 2, apparantly... not convinced I am to be honest. Ended up with the same instructor as last week which is good, coherency at last (and she's lovely). Oh, and the going down on the knee thing is apparantly a grade 8 thing, so it's no wonder we all ended up on our arses.

In the last few weeks in the public skate session afterwards Chris and Chris have gone somewhat annoyed with the R&B that they seem to play. Upon asking if they could play something else better Chris was told that they only had one CD :-) But if we brought our own they would play it.

DJ Mystie duly made one and yesterday we handed it to them to play. After some negotiations they put it on :-) It didn't however go down that well with the chavs and chavettes. The girl in the DJ box tried to fight our case. But when cover of the Barry Manilow's "Could it be magic" came on a group of about 5 entered the box to try and get the music changed. Whoops! Ah well, Chris managed to get about 5 of his tracks played. Some how I don't think they'll be up for us selecting the music next week!

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