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April 7, 2005

Who'd have thought that going down on one knee would be so hard?

Wooo. Just been to lesson two of ice skating. Bit annoying as we arrived late :( Damned traffic. Ah well.

What was a tad annoying was the lack of coherency between this lesson and the one we had last week. Basically, we had two different instructors, who had no idea what we learnt last week. We got taught forward lemons, even though we learnt backwards ones last week - seems a tad the wrong way round to me. However, we were told how to skate backwards in a more propper fashion... but weren't taught how to do it lemon wise. Ah well.

The instructor at one point in the skating backwards thing told me "it's a lot harder than you think it is going to be". "Heh", I thought to myself, "and I thought skating backwards would be easy...." Yeah, right...

As for the going down on one knee thing, that's what they go us to do at the end for a bit of a laugh. Needless to say everyone doing it ended up on the ice in a humourous fashion :)

In the public skate I managed to do a whole lap of the rink, backwards. Wasn't exactly with finesse, but hey, it's getting somewhere! Getting a tad annoyed with the 'house-skates', had a go with Chris's and they were so much better. I just find the house ones too restrictive on the movement of my legs. Yeah, bad workman always blames his tools etc etc... ah well.

The evenings skating started off really shite for me and made me wonder why I'd even bothered doing such a silly thing, but it sort of picked up in the end, which was nice!

I wonder what next week has in store!

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