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February 27, 2005

Argh! The damned server!

Yeah... so I've been of the web again, for what seemed like an eternity!

Basically, earlier this afternoon, the server just froze. No errors, but also no worky. I just rebooted and said to myself... that's strange.

Then the Internet stopped working... but the server still did... well when I say worked... somethings worked, like top, but pinging didn't. Instead it SegFaulted. So, I issued a reboot command and the machine took about 30 minutes to reboot... and then came up fine. Something isn't right I thought... so I swapped out the RAM I think could be dodgy and replaced it with some of John's that he's got kicking about. Most of his sticks seem to be compelty dead and the one that wasn't seems to cause the machine to SegFault all the damned time! Grrrrr....

We're just running on 256Mb at the moment folks... time to see if it still dies...

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