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February 23, 2005

Boring!? Me?

Apparantly, according to my guest in the office earlier... my blog has gone all boring. Shock horror. This is mainly due to me not having much to talk about/that I want to talk about.

Went out for a meal for John's birthday on Saturday night. Was ok, even though the heating in the resturant was brokenified and it was bloody freezing. On Sunday I don't recalling doing that much... other than staying up until 5am... 5am(!) working on a project! Jeez. Monday, workwise, didn't happen. Because I was finishing off the projecty thing, and sleeping.

Today... well it was quite good. I didn't do much, looked through loads of patents whilst doing a patent search. Went to a Java lecture, yada yada yada.

The server here keeps dropping dead, I think it's the cold again... I've now moved the keyboard out of the loft, and installed a second monitor here so I can see what it says on the screen when it crashes. I've also, in theory, set it up so that the server will automatically reboot if it 'panics'.

I've a choice now... post a photo of my guest, (embarrasing her 'cause of the massive spot on her chin...) or a photo of the latest core dump... hmmm...

Linux Panic

Didn't want to make you all gag! ;-)

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