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February 14, 2005

♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥

Them that know calendars will know that it's that day of love again today. Once again, the Royal Mail has failed to deliver. Where are my Valentine's day cards? Huh!?

I did get something quite exciting in the post today though.

Woo... look at all the things after my name!

Yup, I'm now a member of the IEE! And can put more letters after my name if I were up my own arse! How exciting? Time to get that cheque book changed again... Joke!

This morning I went to a boring thing where they told us all about how to demonstrate effectivly. A course I should have really done before actually demonstrating, but heh, I don't care really. It was really tedious and they told you a load of stuff that was sooo obvious. Well obvious to me, obviously!

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