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November 28, 2004


It was Kitty and Warren's engagement party in town last night.

We went to The Castle for drinks and nibbles and then off to Dogma. We had quite an interesting discussion about cocktails, and more importanly Triple Sec. Nobody seemed to know what it was, even though I was quite conviced it tasted of oranges and that Cointreau was a triple sec. Even the people at the bar didn't know what it tasted like, and they had lost the bottle so we couldn't smell it.

I'm sure you're you'll be pleased to know that my analogy of Vodka is to Smirnoff as Triple Sec is to Cointreau was correct :-)

Kitty also told me she reads the blog so a big "Hello!" I didn't ask if Warren does but I'm sure you'll pass it on to him that I enjoyed myself!

Other news now...

Earlier today the webserver died, this was, I beleive due to the sheer volume of people trying to comment spam the blog! The bastards! Hardly any of the comments were gettting through as they were being blocked my MT-Blacklist, but it was still killing my poor little server. I've decided to fight back and deny access to the website of people who's IP addresses have been caught doing things that are spam like (one of these is posting a comment to the site... without actually ever visiting before and having looked at an actual post...!) I've also decided to add a "read the number off the image and type it in thing" in an attempt to reduce the effects of bots - for it is the bots that do the real DoS attacks and cause me to have to remove hundreds of spams that fit through the net.

If you are a regular commenter then I hope you don't mind about having to type in the 6 digit number.

Right, I think that's about all!

Update: It wasn't all... I forgot to give credit where credit was due! I never told you where I got the number security thing from. It was from James Seng's Blog.

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