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November 24, 2004

Bloody cowboys...

Last week(ish), when we had loads of people having showers in the morning after the party, I realised that the new shower (installed to remove leaks) leaks... there appears to be no sealing around the glass surrond. We've not really noticed it before because it only really leaks if water goes down straight the glass and not in normal use... in normal use it still goes under the surround - just not enough to go everywhere. It's quite funny as you just pour a little water down the glass and more ends up on the bathroom floor than not.

I also noticed that when one flushes the toilet, the cistern moved. I thought that this could be due to one of the screws that secures the cistern to the wall not being tight enough... upon closer inspection I found...

Photo of a not very secure toilet cistern!

Yes... no screws - just silicone sealant to hold the cistern in place... against some smooth plastic fake tile stuff, yeah, that's gonna hold reeeeally well.

I phone the landlady about this last week and apparantly the dickhead plumber is coming to sort out the 'broken seal' issue in the shower. Broken seal... more like lack of seal! I forgot to tell the landlady about the cistern... instead I've just left a note for plumber dude.

The shower leaks around the base - pour some water down the glass (side or the door) to see what I mean.
(Please mop up afterwards.)

Also, the cistern moves when you flush the toilet - it doesn't seem very secure.

Cheers Ed

Thing is, he'll turn up and look, do nothing, go back to the landlady and say that everything is perfectly fine and that we should stop moaning. I've had it up to somewhere very high with this plumber friend of theirs to be honest... and will invite them around and point out the shoddy workmanship to them. Grrrr.

I shall inform you of how things progress :-) Probably badly.

"We trust him to do a good job." I pity the fools.

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