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October 25, 2004

That birthday thing!

Right, this birthday thing...

Started trying to get a list going of who will be here for the curry and what have you. So far I've got....

  • Ed
  • Matt
  • John
  • Joe
  • Andy
  • Chris of the fluffy haired varity
  • Rosie
  • Lucy - who's flying in from Ireland especially (Rock on!)
  • Toph
  • JJ
  • Adam
  • Brian

That's like one TECcy! If you're a TECcy and you want to come please let me know! I know Adam will be very disappointed if he's the only one. All those people who moaned that you didn't get invited to Birthday '02, now is time to say yey!

There's also none of Matt's friends on there yet 'cause he doesn't know... I'll add them later.

We've had a cunning plan of what to do on the Saturday too! Go Karting - we hope... more investigations will have to be done. So, if you're up for that too let me know too!

If I start having to individually press gang the people who I really want to be there into coming then it'll all be sad! (come on TEC - or is my paranoia (paranoia... paranoia... paranoia [for the sake of Jonny] justified?)

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