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October 2, 2004

Validate me... baby?

Well I was reading on AndyK's site about XHTML validation and how he's a stickler for things passing the validation. If you don't know what XHTML is (this blog is meant to be written in it...) but he explains it quite well on his blog.

I thought I'd validate the index page of my blog. Whoah - only 398 errors. Arse. Some of these are due to errors in the templates I use and others are non-compliant posts (most are prolly non-compliant posts to be perfectly honest!)

I've set myself the rather daunting task of ensuring that my blog will validate correctly. If only I'd thought about doing this sooner as there are 687 posts to check... so far I've done two - this post should validate correctly too...

So, I've lost Toph and a few others... what is validation... well in a real life language such as English there are rules which should be adheared too. Like... pea's and pud's is wrong and whilst people will jump up and down and say "it's wrong you freak who knows no English" it's still understandable. The same goes for the world of the web. Webbrowsers clearly understand my code - otherwise you'd not be able to read the content correctly, etc... but the code is sloppy and not strictly correct.

I sense that might have been more confusing that just letting you guess!

I'll probably give up on the whole sorting it all out front to be honest! Fix enough posts so that the index page will validate and put the rest down to history. Suppose I could do a few posts a day until it's done...

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