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September 29, 2004

Slacking on the updating front!

Yeah, I've not updated for a few days, oh well!

I went to my first PhD meeting thingy yesterday. Very exciting. I had free food and got to meet all the people who are doing postgraduate degrees in my department. What was most interesting was that I am only one among four white caucasians, out of about 30 people, that's qutie an amazing ratio, considering I go to a UK university. As to how many of these are not British I don't know as I've not had chance to speak to everyone yet.

I've got to go to another welcome evening thing for all postgrads at the uni on Friday, no doubt that'll be exciting. I'll have to put my not be scared of new people hat on and be socialable!

I'm sure there should be more news to talk about....

Oh yeah... looks like I should have stressed more about how to rollup and tape drapes... it appears that £1600 for fucking it up is quite a lot of cash. I still maintain is wasn't all my fault, just some of it.

Oh, I start on the 1st October. If one more person asks if I've started yet and it hasn't gone the 1st October I'm going to scream - I know I've told some people more than twice now!

So, James is at Bretton College, make full use of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, it's great... Oh the memories of getting condoms from the bogs there when I was, erm, 11 and I vistied with primary school. The fact that there was a school disco afterwards had nothing to do with this act, no really Sarah! I'm only mentioning it because it's amazing what you can remember when you put your mind to it.

Any All Sainters remember the disco when the PA and Lighting company didn't turn up? And Andy's dad brought in a HiFi and the head teacher spent most of the night turning on and off the fluorescent lights in the hall to add that 'disco effect', did we ever get our pound entry fee back for that night? Seem to think we only got a 50p refund! Oh, Sarah is the only one from All Saints' who reads this! Shame on you Kate...

Woo, random post!

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