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September 19, 2004


It's interesting. For the first time in my life so far, two people have called me an alcoholic this week. One because I can drink about, erm, about twice as much as he can, you know who you are :-) and then there was tonight... where someone talked to me about it and actually said they were worried about my drinking. Eeeek!

It starts to get you to wonder. Am I addicted to alcohol? Am I a pisshead? What's worse is I can't actually tell myself if I am or not because alcohoics always deny it! I know that I don't try to hide the fact that I drink. But what I've found is that if I drink, I am doing so to get drunk, not just to drink. That make sense?... I can go without booze, but if I have a pint, I want another, and another and another.

Pity really because I do like to drink and unless I get pissed off in the next week I'm not going to be able to have a drink until Sunday night! I do however think that the chance of me getting pissed off is very high.

I'm sorry to all those who know me not, but it'll be WeekOne and I'll be working, innit. That is until I get annoyed, which are my terms of working. So made because I know that I'll be annoyed, by say Tuesday. Tuesday might be good day though as I'm going to aim to get food in my old hall, hope that Mandy is working there and remembers me. No, not the Mandy you're thinking of, you big muppet! The other Mandy who runs the dining room and fancied me in my 2nd year. Having Dining room managers liking you was a massive bonus I tell you :-) That's why I'm so fat!

Ah, maybe she didn't like me!

Oooh look a ramble.

Did anyone watch Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo tonight? I love this movie. Yeah, it's got shit ratings. Yeah John arrived and looked at it with a really really really really really really glum look on his face, but it's great. Mainly because Deuce falls in love with a girl and then finds out that she's not 'perfect' but still is in love with her. This is how the world should be, you know? One doesn't fall in love someone and then find an imperfection and then decide 'Oh, no, I don't love you anymore, you've got an imperfection', you work around it.

Oh, what do I know?



Goodnight all.

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