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September 11, 2004

Tu es en retard!

Last night, after networking, John and I went to Andy's house for beers and hilarity with Joe.

Was rather a funny night! What with Andy accidently sending a text to his boss using the companies internet texting function on the website saying that 'Tony likes angry sex', instead of sending it to Tony's mobile. Whoops.

Then came the film - The Bourne Supremacy. For some reason all of the foreign bits - like those spoken in German or Russian were subtitled in French, not English. This lead to some fun translation to the room action, where we found the people with As at GCSE French and the people with Ds.

At one point some dude gets out of a taxi and meets this other dude. The first part of the conversation was 'Tu es en retard'. At which point Mr. D shouts out "You are a retard!". Well it made me laugh :-) When one guesses quotes one should at least try and make the bullshit translation in context :-) I'd have to be honest and say I only knew what it meant because of distro timings!

They also managed to fit in one of the first (and last :-)) French phrases I ever learnt, "asseyez-vous", seems that I always paid attention at the begining of the lessons, it was just after they had started that I lost all interest!

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