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August 31, 2004

Well I'm back in Nottingham!

So after my month away in Halifax I'm back here again. This time in a different room. I've moved all of my stuff upstairs but am stressing myself out after deciding that the room needs taming! Moved a fair few things around with John, however I've decided that tomorrow things are going to have to move again... oh well! Don't really want to unpack until I have done so I'll be moving me wardrobe around by myself! Oh, and relocating a network point! Hopefully it'll be cool after that... <finger crossed>

Oh and the network appears to be running dog slow as well... not suprising as Ant has taken his nice 100Mbit switch home with him, meaning I@m left with the 10MBit relic, but it's not even running close to 10MBit/s! More like 0.5MBit/s. Damn annoying!

Why does stuff like this stress me out so damn much!?

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