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July 16, 2004

Haircut... and doctors...

Well I decided today was going to be productive ish... so I went and took some things back to the Students' Union, and had my haircut whilst I was there.

Sat in the barber's chair I noticed the sodding lump on my neck that's been pissing me off since sometime in December... 'balls to it' I thought, I'll go to the doctor's and let them wield knives about and lop it off... people who know me well will know that I don't do doctor's. The last time I went to the GPs was in 1987 when I had chicken pox (which in contrast was a million lumps all over me...). The reason I don't go is that I don't ever think that there could possibly be enough wrong with me that could warrent anything other than 'take these a few times a day and it'll make you feel a bit better', 'just rest' or 'there's bugger all wrong with you, stop wasting my time'. I just can't be bothered dealing with the hassle of appointments and stuff for little benefit. When was the last time you heard me moaning about having flu or some other illness? Pretty much never, so nothing I've had was bad enough to warrent wasting doctor's time over it.

Anyway, got an appointment pretty much there and then. Doctor took one little look at it. No knives were weilded. I was perscribed Benzamycin - which appears to be an anti-bacterial acne gel. It's so not acne... although I can use it on the rest of my face, and it will clear up the acne there as well the doctor told me with great delight.

So, I have to apply this stuff to the 'spot' before I go to bed every night and come back and see her ifwhen it's not gone away. She'll then give me a local anesthetic and she'll chop it off for me. Of course I'm not a doctor... so the hard, dry, rough lump of skin could indeed be acne/be removable by an anti-bacterial agent... I'm not holding up much hope.

Bring on the slating from the doctors among my readers.

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