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July 14, 2004

Just to prove to myself it could be done...

Thought I'd send this completly from the laptop... maaan you don't want to know how long it took to install Pyton on this to make it possible! So, there you go... blogging from a 486, although I'm sure it's been done millions of times before! Might even take it to work tomorrow so I can look 'cool' on the train with me small dudy laptop. Does anyone else wonder what people are typing at when they see other people with laptops on the train?

Joe asked about the battery life... well one of the batteries is as dead as a dead thing can be. Infact attempting to charge it made the whole system soooo damn hot it nearly combusted (slight over exaggeration... not a lie...).

I've found that it's also got cunning uses, because it's not a pentium... and it's a laptop... it has no fan :) and can therefore be left on in my room without it keeping me awake. Not that I didn't used to sleep in a room with 3 noisy computers on one summer ago... can't do it anymore!

Well I'm rambleing... time to see if it actually sends!

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