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July 13, 2004

Brought to you with the power of a 486 DX2 50MHz laptop...

Hello all.

Yesterday at work I got given a laptop by Joe, it was either that or it was going in to the skip!

It's only a baby, hmmm... or maybe a grandparent I suppose... being built in 1994. It's not what you might call Y2K compliant... currently thinks it's 1980! But Linux is on it and working fine... and that's what I'm posting this from!

Lie count since yesterday (including yesterday's lie is currently 2... again a bit silly, 'cause I've done the second lie on purpose in this post even!... I'm not actually posting directly from the laptop at all... I'm using it to telnet into Porter and I'm actually running emacs on there... not here. But it's the laptop screen and keyboard... ok? Hmmm... suppose that wasn't really a lie then, 'cause I owned up like seconds after doing it and before you even had chance to fully beleive it.

I might post a proper one from it later... not that there really is any difference at all!

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