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July 8, 2004


Just read on Kate's blog her views on friends and things...

Thought of something else I was going to say... it's kinda friendship related. I don't seem to have a great deal of friends, I wouldn't say that anyone from work is a friend, I've lost touch with everyone I went to school with, and most of the people I was at uni with. I have a few friend type people from tec but I'm loosing a lot of that friendship now - I'm just a boring old miserable person. I don't seem to have anything in common with anyone, I don't seem to have anything to say to anyone if I try to make an effort and talk to people. People moan that no-one talks to them, yet they don't seem to try either sometimes (I know I'm guilty at times) so why moan about it if you ain't gonna make the effort??

sorry... just feeling a bit friendshipless, especially when everybody else I know is going out and enjoying themselves (well most of them seem to be!)

    Little Miss Noisy

Well I suppose I feel the same right now and as you know from my post about me being a crap friend, I fall right into the category of someone who moans about being friendless and no-one talking to me and yet I also don't make an effort.

[at this point in the writing of the post I went to the pub]

Actually, I don't think I moan about people not talking to me, that's a complete lie. I don't really complain that much about feeling that I have no friends. Hmmm.... well, I do inside to myself, but can't really see a way out of the situation at the moment.

Hmmm, I know you Kate (and I assume you know me) and I beleive that you've done one hell of a lot going out more than me recently (going to the pub just now on a random whim accepted...). I've become a bit of a social recluse recently - non-intentional clearly. But it's happened. Mainly 'cause I don't feel like I fit in (well, feeling and being told that I don't...)

[Ed gets given Gin and Lemonade and drinks it at this point of the post]

If it wasn't for having money making things here I'd definatly be home now. I don't think that I have anything here anymore. This is slightly scary, as I'm doing a PhD here for another three years. Arse...

It's silly 'cause I know that at least 16 of people read my blog, so you must give a shit, although I know that some of you only visit to see if I've posted bad shit about you (or your friend ;)):-)

Blah, blah... ramble.... ramble...

[Ed's drunk too much now]

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