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June 19, 2004

Pubby again :-)

Went out to the pub again yesterday evening. It was ok, minimal turn out of folks, but hey.

The R&C started to be discoy and crap so I decided to bar crawl back to Dunkirk. It didn't really go all that well as we'd spent too long in the R&C before coming up with this plan. First off to the pub of the fat lesbian (hey almost a name for a pub that... wonder how many hits it'll get me on Google...). Then to the White Hart... where closing time happened :(

Got a free pint in the White Hart though... well stole one, I suppose. The guy pulled my pint and then another bar dude made one of the Carling taps explode, spewing Carliing all over the place. The guy who served me ran off to stop the flow of beer from the cellar, and forgot to ask me for my money. I stood around waiting for about 10 mins after the dude had come back, but he was preoccupided in trying to fit together the million bits of plastic to make the tap work again. I wandered off, if they wanted me to pay they could find me. Losing my one pint was the least of their worries to be honest...

I might go to a BBQ tonight... I might not. Who can tell?

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