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June 17, 2004

Well Joe wanted to know what I've done...

...even though he was there for most of it!

Monday night I get a phone call from him [Joe] asking me if I was busy on Tuesday. Hardly like I was going to do anything... he needed a office block in Market Harborough "Reverse Network Engineering" and seeing as I'm a recently graduated Master of Electronic and Communications Engineering (1st Class) who needs a release this seems like my perfect first employment... this involved travelling on trains and everything. Bit daunting 'cause every other time I'd used a train in the last year I'd been met or seen off with a hug!

Equipt with nothing more than a hammer, a screwdriver and brawn we managed to rip out innumerable voice and data networks, including many big scary boxes that in retrospect shouldn't have really messed with (whoops!). Loads of fun. As was hitting/kicking partition walls with a hammer when my mind swayed from the job at hand. Yey - Destuction!

Much fun happened in Homebase when we wanted to buy and inspection lamp. We couldn't find one, so asked for help as you do. The guy walked us to the front of the shop, where he asked if they sold them, first person had no idea, moves onto someone else... points over to where we were looking... we go back... still no lamps. He asks someone else 'Well I've never had one through my till' was the response... try asking so-and-so... 'Oh, they are here...' we leave the tools and electrical section and go to the middle of the lighting section... yeah, 'cause I'll light my living room with one of these...

So, to find the lamp we went through about 6 people...

Then we got stuck in a queue behind some old people who were buying waste paper bin. The checkout assitant said 'do you want one of our free magazines?'

'Ooooh,' said the lady, 'yes, please'.

She then stuggled to try and grab it, what with hands full of bin and change and crap. 'I'll put it in your bin for you,' says the assistant. Almost ironic I thought.

Oh, in the evenings I've had my painter and decorator hat on and have been helping to paint a friend's house, so that we can go to the pub sooner :-) Hmmm... didn't work, we didn't finish, so went to the pub anyway... drunk decorating is funny... don't try this at [your own] home. Trying to keep busy!

So, that's about it folks.

I'm not doing anything tonight and I would like to! Ideas anyone?

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