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June 5, 2004

Well I went to Derby, and then to a rig... shock horror!

Trip to Derby was fun. Went to a crazy drum shop with no room for drum kits or to stand or anything.

Then ended up on a rig. One of the rigs I least enjoyed last year, due to it's tent location and arsy-ness. Well I managed to get annoyed :-) Stupid music being played loud for no reason at all and giving me a headache and not allowing me to easily discuss things with other people about how to do things. It's not even as if there was any sound checking going on... it was just being played.

Point proving as well, wastes time and there's no need! (hugs). Managed to help fault find and fix a buzz though :-)

Well I'm back home now and might go back to the derig. Magic. Nothing to do all evening now. Anyone want to, erm, crap can't go to the pub if I'm going back... erm went to the cinema last night... oh I don't know! Anyone want to do something... anything!

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