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June 1, 2004

Oooo it's June!

Wow, it's June! Time flies doesn't it?!

It's my the last Union Council where I shall be Vice Chair tonight. How exciting!

Last night I decided to go out, against my better judgement, but I had been told to do earlier in the day... it was good. Went to a yuppie bar first - Saltwater, in the CornerHouse. Five whole English pounds for a drink. Very very nice place though. Then we headed off to Synergy another expensive and yuppie stylee bar. 'twas for a private event for some 4th year linguist's birthday. All the linguists from hall (bar one who went to a linguist Tapas party instead :-)) were there, so there was much 'How are you doing?' and such small talk with people who you didn't even attempt to keep in touch with and will probably never see again :-)

Then we came back and had Azzip, mmmm, it was nice :-) Haven't had a S'onid in ages!

Blah, blah, blah. I don't think I have anything else left to say. Much happier than I was yesterday though! :-)

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