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May 25, 2004

Ah crap... missed a day!

Sorry for not posting yesterday. Finished my exams though!

The night before the exam I had not much sleep (about 1 hour) and odd half conscious dreams which made me wake up all the time. I was a sodding computer. I hate dreams where I'm a bloody comupter - I always crash and go in infinate loops!

'twas great. We had champagne in the exam. Very funny. 'Put your pens down now please, the exam is over' <pop> as Simon puts champers all over his script, removing half of his work! and starts to pass it around the room.

The exam was crap, and in part not written in an English English people understand. Diagrams had to be drawn on the board to make people understand some questions. Other questions just couldn't be answered, due to lack of info in the question. It was a farce.

Got my dyslexia report back too. It's quite an interesting read, reading all about you and the things you can't do :-)

The alcohol I had drunk combined with my state of pure knackeredness didn't do very well for me, and made me more tired. Went to bed. Couldn't sleep... now I was a, wait for it, dyslexic computer. What is wrong with me? I hate dreams like that. Everything was big endian where it should have been little endian. Oh, it was quite bad. This made me feel very very sick, as my silly dreams usually do. I'm having more and more of these odd dreams recently. I forced myself to stay awake, even though every part of me hurt like hell. I suppose I was trying to get to the stage where I would just fall asleep, without having to think about falling asleep!

I don't feel too bad now, which is good. Although the dyslexic computer dream continued throughout the night, without cease, until my dad phoned at about 9.30.

I hope I get proper sleep tonight. Proper sleep would be nice for a change!

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