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May 21, 2004

Being trying to make the sidebar break even less...

Well the last post says I was messing about... trying to put the poll sidebar thing so that it doesn't make the sidebar drop to the bottom of the page if the window is too narrow. It didn't like being in a &ltdiv though... crappy thing. Couldn't get the gaps right, so it always butted upto the edge.

Then I treid to mess about with absolute positioning as that seemed to allow the margins to be used correctly. But I broke the whole thing, it'd look ok in one browser, but then completely different in another. Not good!

I reverted back to the old thing, and just didn't put the poll in a nice box, so it's less obvious that it doesn't look like it should :)

I also made a nice background style thing for polls when they occur on new pages.

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