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May 14, 2004

Burning 15 Meg on to CDs

People who've been watching my Deadline-o-meter will have noticed that ASP has run out of time, and not been struck off yet... that's because I've not handed it in yet. Don't worry, it's not late, I'd put the wrong date in my diary...

Oh the subject of the post... he wants a digital copy of the work... that's like 15meg of stuff. Which means I've got to waste a CD to put a whole 15 meg on. It's silly! I don't do burning CDs, I'm weird. I don't like wasting things if I can help it.

Sarah will concur with me on this... look at my Pictionary set... no sharpened pencils... no used notepads! I don't sharpen nice pencils, because then they become unnice and then dissappear! I can only think of two nice pencils I own though. One being one with cats on I got from my aunt when I was about 7 for my birthday, and one with 'le Petit Prince' on, that I got from Amanda when I was 22 for my birthday.

I'm a horder of unused things I suppose. Although I have started to use things up, because it's silly not to!

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