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May 12, 2004

My Dyslexia Assessment

I had my dyslexia assessment with a real life educational psycologist today.

It was quite fun! If not rather embarrasing when you can't work out things... like take forever trying to work out how machines you would need to make something in half a day, when it takes 8 machines 6 days... got it right though. Just took too long! Another good one was putting pictures in the order they happened... bit of a pain in the arse that one!

Playing with cubes of colour was also fun!

Well all the tests he did gave me an overall IQ of 141, with 144 in verbal skills and 125 in visual abilities or summat. Putting me in the top 0.3% of IQ thingies... this looked quite good on the non-dyslexia front... then he said here is your reading age... 16 years, 6 months. Putting me in the bottom third of other people my age.Some other bits looked quite bad too.

His overall assement suggests that for my age I'm mildly dyslexic, but for my IQ I'm modertatly dyslexic. He is going to suggest that I get given cash to buy a PC and a tape recorder. Oh and 25% extra time in my exams and not have my coursework marked badly if I speel things wrong or punctuate, badly. Pity it's all too late to be of any use!... I and the University get the full report on the day of my presentation, I think! Doh!

So there you go! At least I know...

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