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May 10, 2004

Must learn to control my laughter...

Well, I was stood in a large queue in the local shop, waiting to buy some ham for my lunch (yeah, lunch at 4pm... shut it...). At the front of the queue the man was carefully putting some very small sweets (I didn't catch what they were) into a bag and weighing them. There were two ickle lads at the front of the queue. I've become crap at ages, but I would guess about 11.

They have previously bought one of those Fruit Pastille lollies, and one of them is stood there 'wanking' it off shall we say, with a huge grin on his face, laughing at the other kid going 'look at this tee hee', while they are stood at the front of the queue man!... I had great difficulty in keeping my face straight.

Then, horror of horrors, Pink Hair Girl walked in! Her hair is now flourecent pink... so now I'm having real problems trying to keep my face straight, what with a kid wanking a lolly and pink hair girl wanting to buy something....

Then one of the kids shouts out, 'Ha ha, she's got pink hair!'.

Oh dear, I nearly combusted.

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