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May 3, 2004

Grrr... missed the bin day again...

it's a bank holiday today, that means the bin doesn't get emptied. Instead it gets emptied on the Saturday before... we forgot again. So, have a full bin.

I was looking on the council website for their page about rubbish collection changes during bank holidays.

There's an interesing load of statistics, on this page...

Key guarantees:
  • Collecting your rubbish in your area on the same day each week.
  • We will put your bin back where you left it.
  • We will clear up any rubbish we spill.
  • We will deliver your bin within one week of visiting you if you report your bin stolen or missing.
  • If you arrange for a special collection of large, bulky household items we aim to collect this within four weeks.

Out of the 6.5 million bins collected last year only 39 were reported as not being put back, only 53 spillages were reported and the number of bins missed is 0.053% of the total.

Well I know that with our bin one time every two I have to wander down the road to find it every Monday morning... maybe I should start reporting it every second week. I urge everyone else to too, so they'll get their act together and realist that it's there apathetic residents who can't be arsed to tell them the bin was miles down the road.

And clearing up any spillages... yeah right.

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