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April 28, 2004

Contract signed :-)

I've signed the contract for the house next year... whoop whoop.

I got a lift from the landlady and her husband to the evil place that is the letting agents. I insisted that she came into the room with me, so that she could see the unprofessional way the business is run.

Whilst I was sat there, even though I'd checked that the rent was going to stay the same as it had for the last 2 years, letting agent bitch tried to increase it.

Ah ha I said, you're not doing that, you've told me what it is going to cost, and I've checked everytime I've phoned what it was going to be. So, I've saved myself and my housemates a whooping 55 quid a year each. Aren't I good... it's going up next year by a fiver though... but who cares? it's gone up well under the rate on inflation!

On the way back the landlady kept commenting on the unprofessional way it went. Very good :-) It took 30 minutes... to get a million bits of paper... crap I tell you. I've not been screwed over yet, so I won't mention names of the business :)

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