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April 26, 2004

AGPs and PSUs

Last night Ant blew up his computer.... whoops. Because Aria have a 6.95 delivery charge, and I need a new AGP (well when I say need, I mean my GeForce2 MX just isn't up for much) I bought one with the order.Not really being a fps freak, I've gone for a cheapy (but new instuction set) one. Idea being that if another new instuction set comes along in a few years where I can't play all the games again, I can upgrade to another cheapy one... instead of going... doh... I can play loads of old games at a millions fps but can't actually play any new ones.

Getting the card will mean that I'll install it, which then means I'll be able to play more games... which is baaad with exams over in a month. Hey in a month I'll be finished. Genius.

You still with me?

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