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April 21, 2004

Sorry, I've been busy!

Sorry for not posting here for a while. I've been quite busy!

The project write up progresses, it's currently just under 10000 words, but I think I've run out of crap to spout in it! Maybe it's enough...

Still got another 10 credit bit of coursework to do :( At least they are both interesting... even if I don't understand what one of them wants from me!

Yesterday, I was in one of the cafes on campus when some foreign student type asked where something was... 'Try underneath.' was the response... 'Who's Neath?'. Couldn't keep my face straight I'm afraid. 'Underneath' is a silly word though... and did leave me thinking what is neath? :)

be neath:
  1. In a lower place; below.
  2. Underneath.

[Middle English binethe, from Old English beneothan : be, by; see by + neothan, below.]

So... neath seems to mean 'below'... so underneath means under below... ok... seems to make some sense at least...

Oh, found people to live with next year :) Cool :)

Just having fun with the bitch that's the letting agent being annoying, useless, obstuctive and charging us great deals of money for the privilege... she annoys me again and I post with the company name in my title, bitch about her, and prolly zoom to the top of Google with it, in a way only I can do!... fucking cow, well cows, as there is two of them. Had a right bitch about her to the landlady. That was fun!

I don't think I've anything else exciting to tell you!

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