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March 20, 2004

Down time... what a long story!

Well it's a bit of a long story this one!

Our magical phone ringing bot died after BT broke our phone line. At 1st I thought it might be because I'd installed a later version of the Linux kernel onto Strawberry, where the module for the modem was for the old kernel. This ended up having me resetting the machine... it wasn't that. Then I thought I'd see if I could hear the phone if I plugged it into the socket next to the computer... I couldn't... odd I thought, as the modem is plugged into the same socket!

I took the panel off the main telephone socket to find that all but 1 of the Kroned connections had come off... erm... how the ADSL worked with only one wire connected baffles me somewhat!

I reconnected the wires and everything seemed to work... execpt Strawberry which refused to boot. Then I smelt burning... the fan in Porter's PSU wasn't working and the machine was cooking itself. What worse is the harddrive was clicking... not good. I pulled the plug on that... and therefore on the Internet.

Hmmm... now I had to replace the fan in the PSU... so I took it appart and procured a fan from a different PSU, transplanted that (after bodging plugs from the fans onto the wires)... now the room was in a bit of a mess, and Strawberry still wasn't working... so I decided that now was a good time to rebuild the server stack! I don't have a before picture as the room was already in a mess before I decided that the mess needed sorting...

So, here is a work in progress photo:

Work in progress

I also took the time to swap the CDROM drives between the servers, so that I could do CD ripping from Porter. Now, really I should have swapped the memory from the old Porter box into Straws as I'm sure it had more in it... but I couldn't be bothered and it was all back together before the thought hit me... maybe I'll do that later or something!


Much neater than it ever was is that :)

In a fixing mode we also (well Russ) fixed the toaster!

Update: I've upgraded Straws to a whole 32Mb of RAM now... decided that there was no time like the present!

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