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March 20, 2004

All kinds of fun...

I went out into Nottingham last night. After all the slating I've given it before on some forum or other I managed to enjoy myself. It was cool. We went to, erm, I forget how many places, but only one I'd been to before, and they were all good... even the old man's pub... hmmm...

I sent a text message to the blog about a converstion I had with a yokel, but it didn't get here... so I will post it now... (the yokel is rather small)

Him: Can you move? my friend was sat there.
Me: Is he big?
Him: Erm... nope.
Me: Right...
Him: Look move will you...
Me: Are you big?
Him: Erm... no...
Me: <grins>
Him: Are you gonna move?
Me: Haven't you worked out that if you told me you, or the person was big I'd probably move?
Him: OK, I'm fucking massive!
Me: That's all I wanted, I was only playing with ya :)

I got up and moved... with in minutes his friend (who appears to be female) arrives and she's fucking huge! If only he'd told me that sooner :) Tee hee.... looking back I should have had my head kicked in really... oh well :)

Oh, and I had the best kebab I've ever had too!

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