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March 16, 2004

Phone and Internet died! :(

Well I was just about to go to bed when I reaslied that all of the web wasn't working no more. At first I thought it was a change to configuration of Strawberry which had caused the problems. Upon closer inspection it was the modem that wasn't actually connected. I remotly rebooted it a few times, but nothing happened - well stuff did happen, stuff that I've never seen it do...

I know... I'll phone Force9 I thought... so I went downstairs and picked up the phone... jack all there :( Hmmm... phone's dead I thought. So, I thought hmmm maybe it's strawbs that's being silly and picking up the modem or something, so I unplugged everything... still nothing. Then I took the front off the master socket and plugged in the phone directly... nothing (although you've pretty much guessed that by now!).

I then took a walk down the road to go to the phone box and was followed by a police car... which was a nice escort for me, it's late to be out when you're not drunk you know?.

Phone BT and the computer tested my line. It's broken it said and asked for an alternative number. Gave them my mobile number and decided to press 2 and talk to a real person.

Apparantly the exchange is having issues and stuff and lots is dead (she was breaking up as I was talking to her!). The engineers are working to get it fixed as soon as possible and she'll send me a text when it's all done, which is nice of them :)

If you are reading this, and you aren't Ant or Russ, then I've probably got the text and it's all fixed! Woo hoo... if you are not reading this it's probably still all broken.

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