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March 14, 2004

Can someone please explain?

Just been thinking about backup solutions for ClaudeStreet (sad I know, but as 2 of the 3have already lost loads of data I thought why not?) Idea being daily or weekly network backups to a machine with a bad ass tape streamer on it.

Started doing a bit of research into prices and stuff...

I came across the DLT Tape Array III SDLT-4.

The Compaq DLT Tape Array III is a backup solution that houses up to four DLT or SDLT tape drives in a 5U rack mount enclosure. The DLT Tape Array III replaces the DLT Tape Array II, while providing customers with a backup solution that accommodates both SE and LVD tape devices.

Each tape appears to be able to hold 110Gb of raw data. So that's 440Gb of data. You could fit that on 4 120Gb drives, which would cost you about 250 quid (bit less than that I know). The tapes for this tape thing cost £445.32 for 5.

Forgot to tell you that the tape thing costs £19,590.77!

So, why? oh why? would you buy one of these instead of a beastly array of harddrives? I'm missing something really silly I guess. For the price of the tape array thing you could buy 306 120Gb drives... (that's nearly 37 Terrabytes)

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