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February 1, 2004

It's February!

Like you didn't know!

I've decided to start tidying up the random crap that's on my computer/computer related. Making things tidy and getting rid of pointless clutter seems to make me less stressed and makes me feel I've accomplished something... strange I know!

Yesterday I sorted out my emails and replied to some that should have been replied to a long time ago... whoops...

Today I've cleaned up my contact lists on all my IM jobbies. I don't think I've removed anyone who I still talk to, or still know/might bump into around campus. Really I should kill loads of people (no not literally!) as I never talk to them online at all, and they don't talk to me either... oh and people who've not logged on for like ages, maybe I should remove them too... but there is always the chance that they will remember their ICQ log ins at some point and magically reappear!

Who knows!?

Want to add me to your Contact list? Drop me an containing your ID and the IM it's for!

No, I'm not putting it all up here 'cause you might be a killer or something ;-)

How exciting? Killers may read my blog!

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