Potty Page

January 29, 2004


Well seeing as I seem to be doing rather a lot of travelling recently I thought I'd make a page that showed a map and then had points which you could click on, which will open up a photo of the place where the dot was...

The maps are generated on the fly using the brilliant GMT package of programs. The overlay of dots and the thumbnail pop-ups are with worldKit. The data for the location points comes from the data with in the gallery which I have to enter manually.

I'm rather pleased with it all, especially as I've managed to cobble together many different random programs and it all actually seems to work quite well!

Saying that, I've had to restrict the zooming in however as points seem to end up in the wrong places if you zoom in too far.

Nearly forgot the link to it! Silly me....


And a big thank you to Tom for pointing out that I'd managed to break part of the site whilst trying to make this part! Doh!

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