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December 10, 2003

No wires baby!

Well I was dubious of the two(!?) pin transmitter at first... but today I got my ickle radio receiver and transmitter, and I'm convinced (well more convinced). With a "no time like the present" attitude I ran off to the stores and got myself the glue components I required. These being a 1K resistor and a 220pF capacitor for the transmitter. To notice if the receiver was doing anything I also purchased a AND gate chip (to act as a buffer), an LED, and a 1k5 resistor to limit the current going into the LED. I also grabbed some breadboard.

Here be the transmitter...

The wire going off over the chip with the white label on it is the data in cable, and the wire going off into the air is the antenna, if you hadn't guessed!

The red board on the back is an expensive way of generating a signal for the wee beast to transmit for me.

And the receiving unit...

What's cool is that it actually works... I've written programs for the board which should make it make the LED flash at different rates and you can have the LED in Ant's room and the board in mine and Ant can tell me what it's doing :) Cool :)

I'm well happy. Now all I have to do is get it transmitting proper data and hope that it'll be intelligable at the receiver...

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