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November 22, 2003

Dyslexia thingy me bob

Well I went to my final screening session yesterday. It was quite interesting as always! The week before she tested my handwriting and spelling. This was quite funny... she looked at my handwriting and said 'that's not too bad you know?' What? Eh? But I suppose it didn't look that bad! I showed her some of my work and she said it looked like 2 different people had written them!

Anyways, from this she said that it wasn't looking that likely that I was dyslexic. Well yesterday came the reading test. Hehehehe. Now she thinks I'm dyslexic. I hate reading aloud. But yeah it didn't go well, it didn't go well at all! Anyway, I'm now the proud owner of a sheet of Lee 202 (1/2 Blue CTB). Seems that I like reading in the daylight... or something... you'd be amazed how much it helps though! I think it's going to go everywhere with me. I've already set Acrobat Reader's background to default to blue instead of white and it really does help! It's amazing how you can live for 22 years and not really notice anything being odd, and then you just do something and it makes things soooo much easier!

As for last night, the less said the better :) Well prolly the less said about this morning the better to be honest... you know it's gonna be bad when your first cocktail of the night is called Ebola. Arse, my head fecking hurts.

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