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November 7, 2003

It's all about the money!

I was talking to someone about money and things last night (you know who you are, even if you don't read the blog no more...:-/). This song came to mind...

I find another world inside my mind
When I realize the crazy things we do
It makes me feel ashamed to be alive
It makes me want to run away and hide

Its all about the money,
it's all about the dum dum duh dee dum dum
I don't think it's funny
To see us fade away
It's all about the money,
it's all about the dum dum duh dee dum dum
and I think we got it all wrong anyway

We find strange ways,
of showing them how much we really care
When in fact we don't seem to care at all
This pretty world is gettin' out of hand
So tell me how we failed to understand

chorus (x2)

Meja - Its All About The Money

I somehow sense that that may all be lost on you if you don't know what we were talking about... I'll elaborate :)

Well we were talking about girls always caring loads about their boyfriends by default, and yet boys can only be really caring about their girlfriends if they constantly shower them with gifts, and never let the girl pay for anything... which to anyone with like a tiny notion of logic is bullcrap.

To me, if the girl insisting that she pays nothing (or is moaning to people that he's not paying for everything) then it's showing me that she doens't actually care about the bloke, and all she is actually caring about is freeloading... maaaaaaaaaaan this is not real love, it's not even close.

Yeah, you can call me new aged or something if you like.

And noooooo, it wasn't a conversation with Amanda.

[Listening to: Meja - Its All About The Money]
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