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November 6, 2003

Toys :)

Well earlier this week more toys arrived for me at the deparment. I got another silly overpacked envelope with 2 more chips in it (same size as before).

What's more exciting is the underpacked thing I got.

A wikky inline PIC debugger and programmer, and a demo board.

This piccy is more for my reference than for you to look at! It's so I know how to put stuff back in the box, as it took 2 of us about 15 mins to do it in the department!

All the stuff out of it's box, including the American plugged power lead... grrrrrrr....

Well after having never played with PICs before (or linking assembly with C) I spent ages making the screen print a single 'A'. No sooner had a manged to get the driver (a driver I add which I had to adapt to work with the C) to do this I then got it scrolling text and all sorts with in like 5 mins. What a learning curve!

I had a cunning webcam idea... :) I connect up the board to the server downstairs, and people can then send text to the screen. Then it'll put the text on the screen and take a photo of it for you... :) hehe. Might just do that, although it has nothing to do with my project... oh well :D

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