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November 6, 2003

First Moderation Meeting

Well I had my first meeting with my moderator today. Humm... didn't start off well, didn't start off well at all! I went into his office, he said 'Hello' and then asked me 'So, you are going to do some measurements?'

I stared blankly and thought "Ewww, you bastard, ease me into it why don't you!?'

Well I started to try and answer the question, constantly thinking to myself that he was reading the wrong proposal, but didn't want to ask him if he was, 'cause I'd look silly if he was indeed being a bastard!

So instead I dropped hits about what my project was about... hehe. Then he picked up his diary, fumbled around and found my real proposal. Phew, I thought.

After then I reckon it went ok - but then I like talking to people and things like that anyways.

[Listening to: Poets of the Fall - Late Goodbye]
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