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October 29, 2003

More blogging when I should be doing something else

In theme with my no opening new windows thing, when you click on 'Comment' or 'Trackback' on the main page it no longer opens up a new window... instead it brings you to the Individual Entry page and drops you down to the thing you clicked on, be that the Comments or TrackBacks. Magic. Hope it doens't make things bad for you.

I''ve also changed the monthly archives to not be silly and show all the contents of the posts, instead it shows a list, similar to the category index I told you about last night, erm early this morning.

What is a TrackBack any way you may have asked yourself. Well basically the idea is that if someone else on another blog wants to write about what I've put on mine, they can let my blog know that's it's been talked about by sending it a TrackBack, magic.

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